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Heather's mockery of break-up poems [08 Apr 2006|01:58pm]

[ mood | *le sigh* ]

anarchy supper
communist lunch
butterfly flutter and
..cap'n crunch?

O, rampant confusion!
O, vicious game!
full of delusion,
I'm going insane

ironic rhyme
in anger, I stomp
YOU'VE lost my mind.

thanks a lot, Zachary
you've succeeded in theory
in the art of provoking
your cruel mistress's fury.

OK, so I'm bitter
but it's really your fault
apparently, I've lost my glitter
to my wounds you add salt

did I somehow displease you
in the discourse of things?
was it my color-bird hue
or my spiky-shine rings?

perhaps it was poetry
that tore us apart
you wouldn't take to it freely
you were left in the dark

"We are two different people"
you said kindly to me
thy explanation is feeble
thus, my emo heart bleeds

your excuses are false
and your attitude, looney
I'd maim your arse,
but I'm pacifist, silly.

Enough of this verse!
wasted on mem'ries of you
let's keep this one terse--

Anarchy supper!
Communist lunch!
butterfly flutter and
captain crunch.

My story is told
we have come to the end
through the premise is old,
much thanks to my friends

you've supported me through this
and for that, my appreciation
here's an air kiss
and pleasepleaseplease................don't castrate him.

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Muahahaha. Break-Up Poetry. [06 Apr 2006|06:54pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I will try on many shoes
and apparently, the last pair didn't fit.
Sure, they were sexy and fun....

but also kinda stupid,
like six-inch stiletto heels.

It was fun while I wore them, but then the heel broke
and my feet got sore.

The shoes seemed so eager to leave, they walked away themselves.

Oh well.
Their loss.

I'll try some black leather combat boots next time.

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[03 Apr 2006|04:37pm]

There you go, Skillet.

I've created the official "omgspain" community.


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